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Thursday, July 16, 2009

At times...

feel like this...
...when a few of the boys( often the same bunch) in school turn up late for my science class...after recess... and they smell like ciggarettes!
feel fooled...when we are scheduled for a 11.30 am where as the afternoon session is supposed to start at 1.00 noon! then ...the meeting is postponed!

Have all of you gone nuts???


  1. Hye hazeleyed,

    tell me about it..teaching in an all boys school realy get to my nerves sometimes..but again,hey isnt that makes our day as teachers..

  2. During my school days the class after of PE was the worst. More than half of the class were not ready for it.

    So, kalau budak2 tu lambat lepas rehat biasalah. The only problem, budak2 ni monteng utk merokok.

  3. Hi tchersally,
    So true...
    My first posting was in St.Paul Seremban...all boys!
    Senior teachers even tought me how to handle them if they were naughty...No PE for that day(physical Education laa!)...hahaha .Torture tuu buat diaorang yang cam ***** Makyeh!


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