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Saturday, January 2, 2010

... gone fishing ??? common chore @ activity that i love to explore... somehow... i never had the chance to really
get into it... 
. spot which is quite commonly spoken about...if fishing is the topic.
and so...yesterday...not having any specific location to go to... only to find us both ended at this breath taking location...perhaps a fishing paradise? 
i call it a beach full of rocks..
Rocky beach!
but just look at those people!
a picnic with the family
 Well...Let the pictures speak ...

Some even carried along infants!

to get to this has to pass by Kuala Kurau town...
a rather remote area...
we had problem parking our the parking space is so limited


  1. sy pun ska memncing masa dulu la

  2. Hello Hazeleyed, Happy new year and the very best of 2010 to you and all at home.
    Wow! I love this place. As I love sea fishing. Looks nice with all those rocks as fishes love rocks.
    Tentu boleh dapat ikan siakap sini, ha ha.

    The authorities should have a bigger carpark, then more people will come.

    You stay young, and keep well and have a great new year, Hazeleyed. Best regards, lee.

  3. memancing mengajar kita erti sabar...
    paling best bila umpan mengena!

  4. Hi Uncle Lee
    I know you enjoy fishing too...
    Wish i could join them...but i have a problem pertaining the heat / sunstroke! It often gives me a headache. Lemah skit bab nii...

    As for the car park they couldn't do much as the land nearby which is merely a paddy field and a coconut plantation belongs to the kampung folks...
    the road itself is the parking lot and it's just a narrow brink/plain.

    Wishing you a prosperous year in 2010.Cheers

  5. salam my dear sis...:):)

    seingat dulu masa zmn budak2 jek pernah memancing..:):):)bestnya bila dpt takut lakk nak ambilnya dari mata kail..hehe
    Semua kenangan tuhh:):)

  6. I hate fishing..huhu~! I try to LIKE fishing but I can't..maybe I'm not SABAR type of person I guess..haha~!!

    Tapi lead suka tengok air..tak kesah air laut ke air sungai ke air tali air ke..hehe..

    n jeles ngan akak coz dpt tgk air laut..hehe..n tak ajak lead ponnnn..kidding~! hehe~!

  7. Ya lah Tinie...kak Hazel pun sama...cacing boleh pegang tapi takut nak keluarkan ikan dari mata kail kan...tambah kalau ikan puyu! kena suruh En.Abe buat...hahaha!
    Kak Hazel kecik2 tak pernah mmancing...dah tua2 teringin!
    You take care sis.

  8. Dear si leadleedeea
    memancing kalau tak kena sun burn tu tak sah...teruk lagi kalau dapat sakit kepala...urgh

    Kak hazel pun suka sekejap2 je...tak tahan...
    memang mengasyikkkan tengok ombak...or waterfall...tambah waktu!
    Take care Lead...Be good.

  9. Salam kak..

    Wah pleasant scenery.. saya teringin nak gi memancing, tapi tak berkesempatan lagi :-)

  10. Ass-salam Nida dear
    one day you will...try laa.
    just for the fun of it...picnic sekali ngan family k. Laters

  11. ..what a beautiful place..pity about the time pakmat is around there, will remember to bring fishing rods..
    take care..and happy new year..

  12. yeah...that's a must Pakmat
    You take care too.k

  13. Terimkasih masuk blog kakju.Salam perkenalan.Alamat tu merata maknanya apa ye... Cantiknya pemanadangan kat situ kan?Keindahan ciptaan tuhan...bye


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