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Friday, February 18, 2011

...peace of mind...

At last!
I could enjoy the whole week end...

without having to go school tomorrow.( LADAP III is postponed to April ).
Some peace of mind huh?

***only then i realized how hectic my days was! 
School! school! school!
we adults loves holidays too!

if only all principals  read this!


  1. salam my dear sis..:):)

    Cuti 2 hari..duk marking paper TOV jekk ni...huhuhuhu
    Pe2...suka! Janji cutiiii kan kan;)

  2. To lovely Sis Tinie with lots of love
    Hahaha! Biaq pi Tinie...kita cuti betul2...lepas ni kita keje betul2...(:

    Be happy ok.

  3. Dear sister السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

    Apa kabar, moga kakak sihat hendaknya..

    Mesti suka dok rumah bercuti 2 hari tak ke sekolah tu..:)

    Take care kak!


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