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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red strikes fire crackers plizzz!!!

8.00 am
It's a misty morning
My festival break starts today

but not Naufal...
off to school ok...( sorry dear Chinese people of'll have to make yourself free your own risk! )
Hubby too ... zero Chinese in school ...

Bright sunny day...but looks like it's not gonna be for long...
rather sad though...
two of my 6 kids are home...( wish all of them are here ...but i guess i have to accept it as it is...)

To dear kak Ira, kak Sha and abang Afiq...
Hang in there...all my prayer just for all of you.
We'll see you some time later ok...
Take good care of yourself.

as for me...
Thankful ...
got the break i needed ...even if it's only for a few days
wanna serve the family...well

to dear Uncle Lee and friends celebrating CNY, 
Gong Xi Fa Cai
(...avoid fire crackers please!...)


  1. السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

    Semoga kakak beroleh kesihatan yang baik di sana..:)

    Di tempat saya ni kak, adat main mercun ni masih kuat diamalkan oleh kaum cina di sini. Jadi mula kol 7.00 malam nanti bermulalah pestanya dan kemuncaknya pada tepat jam 12 tengah malam nanti, setiap rumah orang cina akan bakar mercun hingga sejam lamanya. Memang tak boleh tidur..:)

  2. To Dear Abd Razak with salam

    I suppose ...Fire crackers are significant to Chinese and CNY.
    the only think is...we hope that it is done under much considerations


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