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Thursday, March 10, 2011 connected

Much to my surprize...i received one phone call...
before i actually trying to squeez my figuring who is the owner to that quite familiar voice to my ears...she introduced herself.
My !!! Am i surprized?
Norizan bakar! i straight away visualized her in my mind...
She is my former secondary school mate!
Mind you...i was in secondary way in the 60's to 70' it has been almost 34 years that we havent seen or talked to each other...and all of a sudden there she was...
We talked over the phone as i visualized her as short, slightly dark skin with one mole at the edge of her lips!(some people indicate it as an outspoken kind of person...superstitous or fact???)
her image that was recorded and embedded ...vividly on my aging mind...
We were buddies from standard one till i transfered to live with my mum later on.

Did some answering and questioning...talked about families, old friends...old times stories ...that last for almost  an hour or more???
So happy...but feeling freeky though for a split second when she mentioned how she kept dreaming of me for the past few weeks...and my name kept popping out on her mind... trying to be pessimist ok.
But...apart from that...
And all i could say is...Life is full of surprises!
and it's a wondrfull feeling...this time.

Wish you happiness Ijan...
Hope to see you someday...InsyaAllah


  1. Assalamualaikum my dear sis..:)

    mesti happy kan..bertemu teman lama biar pun hanya di telefon..sekurang2nya,,masih ada ingatannya pada kita...itu sudah memadai kan:):)

    Selamat Bercuti sis...:)

  2. ASM. What a pleasant surprise! Hope the renewed ukhuwah lasting.

  3. Salam Jumaat Kak Hazel...
    Akk sihat? lama tak dgr berita.

    moga bertemu lg kengkwn lama...apabila kita masih diingati.....

  4. to my dear sweet sis Tinie with lots of love
    Yes i am happy be remembered still after so long...
    The fact that she took the trouble to trace me is even sweeter.

    Happy holidays to you too.

  5. To dear DrSam with Salam

    Peace be upon you too.
    InsyaAllah. A pleasant surprise indeed.

  6. To dearest sis Sha with lots of Salam
    Terima kasih masih sudi ziarah Kak hazel di sini.
    Syukur masih di sini walaupun kak hazel tak serancak orang lain...(:
    Senyum selalu.

  7. Assalamualaikum.

    What a wonderful surprise. And it has happened to me where I think of someone and suddenly I bump into the person or hear from him or her. It can happen.

  8. To dear Aishah with lots of love
    peace be upon you too.

    ...and it sure added colors to our day...wonderful surprise.

  9. Its so sweet when we received something that we never expect in our life...

  10. To dear Linda Musa with lots of love

    Yeap Linda!
    Lets wish for the best is more to come...a pleasant surprise when you least expected.
    Happy Sunday.


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