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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wednesday 9th March 2011

On receiving the time table for extra classes for form 3's...during this coming term break( one week only)...really spoils my day.

Its not the task that burns the heart of most of my friends...but way it is produced did not seem proper.
The fact is it was arranged without the teachers agreement...
and Kak Hazel's turn in on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!...exactly in the middle of the week.
Adding to the list is... head cont card for each students to be completed with marks and graph!...of which was introduced a few weeks ago...students PEKA's work to be handed out...huuuu
yet the break is only 10 days including Saturdays and Sundays...

Some of us are still struggling with the exam papers...
Even if they are done with the then need to be keyed in the limited computer this limited time!

God! this is stressful!!!


  1. i know u can do it sista...demi anak bangsa...pengorbanan tue pasti nye berbalas...if its x here, but the life after dis.... :)

  2. To dear sweet Linda Musa with lots of love

    Yes dear...i always have...but lets just pray that i will always be at my best health...and completed mt task...
    Demi anak bangsa(:

  3. susah juga ye kak jadi teacher :) zaman sekarang penuh activity

  4. To dear sis Ermayum with lots of love

    teaching is fun...but the workloads are unbearable at times...especially the paper works!


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