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Monday, December 7, 2009

gain some...lose a little...

Two weeks of school break have long gone...reaching up for the third...
mostly occupied with 'kerja kahwin'...with nasi minyak nasi tomato ,chicken or beef, curry or kurma for almost every week ends...
worst by regular but never a routine (skipped two out of three during school hours) the three in a row meals...
has set me a date with my ever rusting mountain bike again...
in fear of those spare tyres that begin to reappear...huhuhu
Hey!That's my legs paddling ok!
just to prove to you that i never lie...hahaha

that's my other half...way up in front ...
and the route we used for the 'fat burning session'

stopped by the road side to capture this one's in a life time scenery...
well...not really!
but not everyday that i could enjoy watching such...
sky high family gathering huh???
dared not get too close though...
Hey! you never know!
too bad i didn't get to hold of my ...only on mobile

life seems so simple for them...

passed by a palm plantationthen...
along this lazy flowing Kerian River...
now you all know where i live huh?
once famous for it's Crocco @ Sang Bedal's breeding ground and udang galah

we used to do brisk walking... but didn't want to push it too hard...
just wanna have fun with a little bit of exercise...

shouldn't it be the other way round fellows???
Never mind!


  1. salam sis.....

    best nyer dpt lakukn aktiviti yg sihat cam u tu..... berbasikal bersama cik abe(boleh ke saya 'pandu' basikal lagi.... huhuhu) nyaman jer kan esp kat area sungai...

  2. To Amy Nujaimy
    Salam kembali.
    TQ for passing by.
    Anugerah Allah yang mendamaikan...especially during very early in the mourning.Sayang cuma dapat lakukan sekali sekala.
    Take care. Laters

  3. kat mana tu? takde sign board ke...

  4. a remote area...hahaha
    Salam sejahtera.

  5. ..salam, tu..berbasikal petang-petang..bersama tersayang..pakmat di Bachok kekadang berbasikal bersama anak-anak di Pantai Irama..riadah petang perkara mesti..nampak macam parit buntar..:)

  6. Peace upon you Pakmat.
    So Pakmat pernah ke parit Buntar eh...
    lebih kurang dah dekat tu...
    Memang best beriadah...kalau di pantai...kita paling suka tengok sunset...Aduh!

  7. Salam my dear sis..:):)
    kdg2 nak jgk buat aktiviti berbasikal tu...
    tp kena tunggu Aisha besarrrr sikit lagi kutttt..hehehhe...

  8. Tinie dear
    Boleh about an evening stroll around your Taman ...will do...I am sure she'll love it...
    Enjoy your holiday.

  9. best tu berkayuh, sy kayuh guna tgn huhuuu

  10. Ass-Salam sis maiyah
    Kalau lawan gusti lengan dah sah Kak Hazeleyed kalah ni...
    You take care k.

  11. Okaylah tu cycling berdua..I'm guessing now where you're staying..he he.

    PS: I don't attend kerja kahwin but still steadily increasing weight too!

  12. Salam sis..

    Teringat zaman muda2 dulu, pergi sekolah naik basikal.. laaa, ni lama betul tak ngayuh

  13. Dear Hliza and Nida
    Come join Kak about this week end?
    ...kasi gempaq cik Abe awak dua orang k

  14. pic pokok berbogel tu akak suka ..


  15. Pokok Bogel @ Togel...memang istana hinggap berbagai species. Pagi ni tadi Sang Helang pulak yang bersantai! ...fascinating!

  16. Hello Hazeleyed, waaa, you lepas tangan take that picture? Ha ha...baik tada naik pokok kelapa, ha ha.
    I love that pond, looks good for some ikan haruan fishing.
    Love the location where you live, looks quite secluded and quiet.
    Nice to see all that green...we had one heck of a snowstorm last night till this morning, now outside all white....and quite chilly, -7'c.

    You have fun, jangan hilang too much weight, pakai sarong kebaya not nice like that, ha ha. Lee.

  17. hmm hebat gak kak hazel ni.. sambil mengayuh leh snap pic.. hmm ke ada tangan lain yg tolong snapkan? jeng jeng jeng..

  18. Ac cowboy town it is...where even a teacher could happily cycle to it's local wet market...without having anyone to raise their eye brow! Biasaa laa Uncle Lee.
    You mean Kerian river? i'll bring you there when you are back here, Malaysia aah.
    You take care too...sleep with yr cloths on...ignore any calls at 3,am ok.

  19. To Che'Pit
    Apa orang kata...'tengok kakilah'...

  20. Kudos to U for leading a healthy lifestyle!

    They say, health is indeed wealth!

  21. Toce...toce
    but who am i compared to you the forever an active Sis in the blog that i know...Jelous akak!
    Have a nice week end yeah!


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