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Monday, January 17, 2011


Reminder ...

     Tuesday morning      : 18 January 2011 -  to get result from PB hospital
     Wednesday morning : 19 January 2011 -  submit result - appoinment 
                                             with Dr.Avatar at Taiping hospital


  1. Hello Lady, not sure what or who above having that situation. But here's wishing best of everything and hope the results are very good.
    Baby coming maybe?
    You keep well and keep a song in your heart. Lee.

  2. Assalamualaikum my dear sister..:)

    MOga kakak sihat hendaknya serta sentiasa dalam rahmat kasihan belas~Nya...

    JUst wanna know, akak ada masalah kesihata ker?

  3. Salam Kak Hazel..

    Jangan lupa tau kak

  4. To dear adinda Abd Razak with Salam
    Thank you for your concern...
    Kak Hazel buat follow up regarding my post opperation...
    i may need another minor opperation.
    InsyaAllah. Semuanya atas ketentuanNya.

  5. To my lovely sis Nida with lots of love
    Thanks dear...
    InsyaAllah kak Hazel ingat.
    You take care.

  6. To Uncle Lee with love
    Hahahah! Uncle Lee!!!
    Baby is out of Question...tutup kedai!
    Good day .


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