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Saturday, May 22, 2010

...if that's all the time we have...

From these words I hear a cry
A muffled sob, a hopeless sigh
I hear their foot steps leaving slow
and then i know my soul Fly!
A chilly wind begins to blow,
within my Soul from head to toe
And then, Last Breath escapes my lips
It's Time to leave, and I must Go! 
So, It's time( But it;s too late)
They said: Each Soul has it Given Date
When it must leaves it;s body's core
And meet with its Eternal Fate.
Oh Mark the word that I do say
Who knows, Tomorrow could be my Day!
At last it comes to Heaven or Hell
Decide which now, Do Not Delay!
Come on my brothers et us pray
Decide which now Do Not Delay!
Oh God! Oh God! I cannot see!
My eyes are Blind! Am I still me
Or has my soul been let astray,
And forced to pay a Priceless  Fee
Alas to Dust we all return,
Some shall rejoice while others Burn
if only I knew that before
The line grew short, and come my Turn!
And now as beneath the sod
They lay me (with my record flawed)
They cry not knowing I cry worse,
For, they go home, I face my God!
Oh Mark the words that I do say,
Who knows? Tomorrow could be your day.


  1. salam kak hazel....
    menitis air mata ina tgk bagaimana keadan kita bila sampai saat itu hanya allah sahaja yang tahu....

    kak boleh ina tanya bagaimana hendak upload vedio di n3 blog yea sb dah tanda lambg utk upload video di post n3 pun..

  2. kak ina mohon izin copy letak di FB

  3. To a kl citizen with love
    Semuga kita di peliharaNya.

    To azlina with love
    Allah jua yang Maha Mengetahui...
    Silakan Ina coz Kak Hazel pun ambil dari You tube...buka di you tube...copy embed code/URL code, then post kat mana Ina nak ,blog ke FB...InsyaAllah .
    Bless you dear.


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