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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...buka jahitan...

Thursday..20th May 2010
gonna have it checked...
and if i am lucky will give me not much' probs' later on..
What am i feeling now???
Nervous?  ...yeah...a wee bit
Anxious...don't I ?
but...i feel that i need to extend my medical leave... not fully recovered...yet
otherwise...have to start my long forgotten routine...teaching!
p/s miss teaching actually...but


  1. Salam my dear sis..:)

    Banyak2kan rehat sis..
    Moga akak sembuh sesembuh-sembuhnya!!!..:):)

  2. Salam Cikgu,

    Lama kak tak datang sini, semoga cepat sembuh.InsyaAllah

  3. take care ye sis...have a good rest before start your teaching again...insyaAllah, cepat sembuh nanti. :)

  4. To all my dear sisters, Tinie, Werdah, Diana and others with lots of love

    ...i accept and Redha to every Qada & Qadar Allah has allotted for me...but at the same time i believe that with prayer @ doa that you all lavish upon me, Kak Hazel will be at my best condition.Insya Allah.
    Love you all.

    p/s Sorry that i cant do much of blog walking with my latest condition...but will surely ctch up later k.

  5. saya tengok pun ngeri. Saya doakan semoga semuanya berjalan lancar dan semoga cepat sembuh.

    Terima kasih kerana masih sudi datang ke blog sana dlm keadaan awak yg mcm ni.

  6. To YB with salam
    Thank you.
    Saya sedang bercuti sakit...memang terasa bosan at blogwalking sikit2.
    Good Day

  7. Salam Puan Hazel,

    I've not been blog-hopping for a while now and didn't know this latest news about you. Sorry about that.

    Mudah-mudahan cepat sembuh, insyaAllah.

  8. To Oldstock with salam
    Thank you...
    InsyaAllah...with friends like all of you...i'll be fine soon.
    Bless you.


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