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Friday, March 19, 2010

...not To Switzerland nor Ireland...but to the land of wonders!

18 March 2010

   The school Term Break is yet to end...but i haven't taken Naufal to Switzerland nor Ireland...
What a joke!
believe it or not...
We...(me, Naufal and his sister Faiqa...traveled to a very special place...
without having to spend lavishly
yet could still be happy and joyful
 a place where every boys and girls would dream to be at...
A land of wonders...
The Wonderland
we traveled together with our 'friend'...Alice

What am i saying?
just watch...
if you know what i mean...

                    Can't resist the lovely poster...

                                                                       tickets for the three of us

Alice in Wonderland...a simple but colourful plot ...of love and family bondings...the evil and justice...
Blended and splendidly presented by fabulous special effects...that make it so realistic!

i would give it 7 out 10...
aspecialy to Johnny Depp...the Mad Hatter!


  1. Tengok kat taiping Sentral ye...My kids and hubby pi tengok dgn my sister..I had to work at that daughter said the movie is marvellous..

  2. Haven't watched the film yet. Supposedly the film is very good (in 3D right?).

  3. To Hliza with love
    Yes i was there...
    Miss the chance to meet your wonderful kidS huh...
    Not only kids love the too!

  4. To Dr Sam
    Yes...Go Doc...bring your kids...they will sure love it!

  5. oo kita baru nak tgk esok hehe:)

  6. dah tengok gak
    tapi tak tengok yang 3D

  7. To ERMAYUM with love
    Tengok ERMAYUM...jangan tak tengok.
    Kak Hazeleyed siap curi2 tangkap dalam panggung lagi part Mad Hatter tu...hahahaha!

  8. To a kl citizen with love
    I knew you would ...
    I think AIW 3D is only played in chosen cineplex theatres.

    p/s Doc Sam...Its a 3D film alright...but cineplex yang kak Hazel pegi tu tak tayang yang 3D.

  9. Cool..

    Try this blog,read few entries..i found it very funny and interesting!



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