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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...the chosen one...

Ali ibn Abi Talib, 'A bad deed that offends you is better in the sight of God than a good action that puffs you up with pride.' 


  1. Salam my dear sis hazeleyed:)

    MInat juga Maher Zain !!Suka tgk video klip ni..:)

    MOga akak sihat2 di sana..:)dan dilindungiNya selalu..Amin:)

  2. Assalamualaikum my dear sister..

    May Allah Guide us all to truth and keep us on the straight path...ameen

    God may open up for you the gate of obedience, but without opening for you the gates of acceptance. On the other hand, He may allow you to fall into disobedience which happens to lead you the right path. Disobedience that teaches you humility is better than piety that fills you with vanity and arrogance. ~Imam Athaillah Askandary~

  3. To my lovely sis Tinie with lots of love
    May all the blessings be upon you too.
    Good day.

  4. To my dear Abd Razak with Salam
    Thank you...lovely verse.
    Bless you.


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