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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 step beyond...

22nd November 2010

Muhammad elder son whom i call 'abang'...graduated in his TESL today.
Thank you Allah..
It took too much of everything...
Tears and laughter...
Only to witness my dearest 'abang' on this particular day and the fairly... well decorated stage...
With it's own unique situation...
 filled with blended feelings and emotions of every parents and everyone that witness their sons and daughters...perhaps sisters and brothers...wife or husbands???
@ loved ones!
Thank you Allah.
I am duah is granted!

To my dear 'abang'...
Remember son...
This is not the end of a struggle...

 Only a beginning of a long ...long journey to Life and Success!


  1. Assalamualaikum Sis...

    Hope you're in fully health with all of the kindness of Allah...

    Congratulations 'ABANG'!
    Your future looks strong and bright.
    May you achieve the things you hope for
    And have a life of sheer delight.

    Congratulations to you, Sis!

  2. To dear Abd Razak with salam
    All the bless and peace be upon you.
    Thank you.
    'Abang' is now proceeding his Degree...and for sure have lots more challenges waiting for him.
    i could only pray.
    Good day.

  3. Salam to my lovely sis hazeleyed..:)

    Moga akak sihat di sana..dan dilindungiNya selalu..:)

    Kejayaan yang pastinya membanggakan keluarga:)
    Semoga terus success...:)

    Tahniah utk sis juga:):)

  4. To dearest sweet sis Tinie with lots of love
    With your duah...I am fine.
    Hope you enjoy you are having fun and enjoying your holidays.

    Love always.

  5. tahniah.. moga sukses hingga mncapai impian

  6. To Dear Maiyah with lots of love
    ...semuga perjalanan yang panjang dipermudahkan berkat doa semua sahabat...InsyaAllah

  7. Salam pn. Alhamdulillah. Tahniah buat Abang...

  8. To Dr Sam with salam
    Terima kasih.Masih terlalu awal...

  9. Salam hazeleyed lady

    Tahniah buatmu sekeluarga..

  10. To dear sis werdah with lots of love
    Thank you...but i know its still a long way ahead...


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